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March 04, 2004
Phase 5 or Phase 2?

We got confused tonight. Well I lie, I got confused because we killed most of phase 5 on our first attempt tonight. Yep, Bert and CT dead on first attempts for the night. We were low on Warriors - low isn't word for it - but we decided that with our healing force, we would try them all any way. And this is what we got.

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Dont mind the foot. Bert is a skinny prick.

CT sure does make up for bert though. Lay off all the SKs please, they worship you don't they?

And for the last mob on the night: RZ. First attempt we ever had at him and we got him down to 49%. Second attempt we got him to 44% before warriors and healers wiped. With more than 3 warriors we will get him next.

From Bert
Celestial Cloak Trufflehunter
Celestial Cloak Naewen
Eye of Dreams Hittenrun

From CT
Staff of Transcendence Zawye
Timeless Silk Robe Pattern Wispera
Greaves of Furious Might Elrek

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March 03, 2004
The Time Draws . . . Nearer?

Sorry ladies and gentlemen, but if you were expecting a good update this time, free of excessive pictures and random jargon, you may find yourself extremely disappointed. Why? Because I'm doing the update again, of course! Well, I took so many pictures tonight, I don't even know which ones to show you first. But I promise to keep this update rather short.~ I guess I should just show you what you really want to see:

And how the night started:

Yes, yes. Something we'd seen many times before. Then we did a little bit of this:

Which led to this:

Which, coincidentally, we had seen before as well. Then we did some of this:

/Shrug. Every little bit helps, ya'know? But that eventually led to this:

And this:

And this: (Congratulations, Kilyena)

Are you even reading still?: (Congratulations, Kendam)

That's OK, I'm used to it: (Congratulations, Azazele)

So now that i'm done posting all the boring pics, and wasting all of your bandwidth, I can tell you a little about the fight. Yes, it was a FLAWLESS . . . /cough, I mean flawless victory. Nobody died, and we only had 7 clerics - Go us!

Well, you'd think we'd have called it a night, but NO. Fuzzbal wouldn't let us go to sleep yet, we had to play with TZ's big brother and so-called "cockblocker to the 5th phase." Well, it would be an understatement if I told you we were suprised on our first night fighting him:

Why is this mob the bane of most time guild's existences?! I really don't understand. That was our first attempt at him. Well after a little bit of:

We managed to pull off this:

And because Fuzzbal is an attention whore:

And got this for our efforts: (Congratulations, Zordroz)

And this: (Congratulations, Darmack)

And this: (Congratulations, Heral)

Plus, we gained access to Phase 5. Well done, PS. TZ died tonight (flawlessly) as well as VZ (dead within an hour of our first attempt, ever).
Phase 5 progress picture inc soon!

And we can't forget the:
Player Spotlight!

Name: Rashenal Truesong
Nickname: Rash
Race: Kitten
Class: Bard
Vital Stats: Here! (Needs to change his magelo background!)
-HP 5950
-Mana 5441
-FT 14
-AAs 351
Quirk: He's a bard. What more is there to say? Put catnip in your underwear for a treat.

Sorry for the lengthy update!

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